Domingo, 27 Noviembre 2016 20:36

Abrapoxy English

Abrapoxy & Abrasion Epoxica TM is a solid, reliable and unprecedented leader among the national market, specialized in supply, installation and maintenance of different Abrapoxy & Abrasion Epoxica TM Systems for polymer floors, Wall, and lining systems, decorative seamless flooring, concrete repair products, elastic joint fillers, high waterproof technology and modular flooring systems, beyond others.

All of our seamless, long – wearing and easy to clean systems are engineered to perform either in industrial , comercial, or home enviroments without sacrificing design and innovate vision. They are installed with several types of finish with the best global quality of epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic resins. More than 30 years of experience allow us to match the best products with the best team of highly skilled installers, earning Abrapoxy & Abrasion Epoxica TM a market leadership position guaranteeing up to 10 years of useful life on our systems.

Learning on our Abrapoxy & Abrasion Epoxica TM unparalleled high systems and our teams progressive and customized designs, wide experience and high knowledge of specifications , our goal is to help out in transformation of the industries. We innovate and bring real high technology solutions and services that will prevent and solve the most common and serious problems on your floors. We also contribute in the fullfilment of the industry needs regarding quality, health eviroment , traffic security of the personal and standard norms to earn the certification ISO 9001-2015, FDA in the United States, Health Branch in Canada, and Secretaria de Salud in Mexico.

Abrapoxy & Abrasion epoxica TM will be pleased bringing you honorable services through all Mexican Republic , and results that might be helpful for your industry.

Feel free to contact us for further information.

Thanks in advanced from all Abrapoxy & Abrasion Epoxicas co-workers.